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Normanby Aberdeen Angus


...was established in 2008
with foundation stock from Nightingale.

East Farm is set in the gentle countryside of the historic hamlet of Normanby by Stow.

We are 6 miles from Gainsborough, 12 miles from Lincoln, 22 miles from Newark and easily accessible from the A1 at junctions between Doncaster and Newark.


Cattle Outwintered
Cattle are out wintered

We have been accredited free from IBR, Johne's Disease and Leptospirosis since November 2009, no longer vaccinate against BVD and gained ELITE Health Status in November 2012. The farm is in a 4-year TB testing area and last tested clear 31st July 2015. The cattle are grass-fed, with low stocking density. They have proved very hardy, easy-calving and have exceptional figures for feed conversion. We also have a small herd of Lincoln Reds.

We are no longer registered as Organic but we still favour many organic practices such as high clover and herbal content in our pastures. We use no artificial fertilisers. We are members of and comply with the standards of the Red Tractor Farm Assurance Scheme.


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