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Normanby Aberdeen Angus

All photography courtesy of Peter Baumber


In 2015 breeding cows and heifers sold to Co. Sligo, Ireland. Currently young bulls have sold locally and to Cambridgeshire, Nottinghamshire, Worcestershire and Northamptonshire.


2015 bulls


Two young bulls sired by Netherallan Peter Pershore.


Normanby Animator R067 calved 7th June 2015 out of Saltway Annie J145. TI +43 SRI +57


Normanby Duke R070 calved 10th August 2015 out of Normanby Duchess M041. TI +46 SRI +61




Angus Cattle for sale March 2019,  scanned in calf to AI sires


Saltway Annie J145 c 11/02/09 served Shadwell Jafar Eric

Beech Hay Duchess Joyful J032 c 16/04/2009 served Netherallan Peter Pershore

Normanby Duchess M041 c 31/03/12 served Fordel Enniskillen

Normanby Pride Princess N053 c 06/06/13 served Rawburn Makka Pakka

Normanby Duchess N054 c19/07/13 served Shadwell Jafar Eric

Normanby Duchess P060 c 05/05/14 served Melview Granville

Normanby Miss Bella P061 c 09/05/14 served Shadwell Jafar Eric

Normanby Pride Princess R066 c 25/05/15 served Shadwell Jafar Eric

Normanby Lady P058 c 04/04/14 served Rawburn Transformer

In calf heifers

Normanby Annie S076 c 16/06/2016 served Te Mania Berkley

Normanby Duchess S078 c 14/07/2016 served Rawburn Makka Pakka

Maiden heifers

Normanby Duchess S073 c 03/06/2016

Normanby Miss Beatrice S074 c 08/06/2016

Normanby Duchess T079 c 14/04/2017

Normanby Pride T081 c 01/05/2017

Normanby T082 c 05/05/2017

Normanby Duchess T084 c 08/05/2017

Normanby Duchess T086 c 19/05/2017

Normanby Annie T087 c 30/05/2017

Normanby Lady T090 c 01/07/2017


Normanby Duke T083 c 08/05/2017

Normanby Duke T085 c 10/05/2017




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